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India is among the least friendly: let's face it

Forbes has come out with the list of nations ranked on the basis of friendliness to foreigners as perceived by expatriates. The survey was done by HSBC bank.

India is ranked among the lowest in terms of whether people would like to work and get settled here. Foreigners think, it is difficult to adjust to Indian ways of life,and Indians are not too welcoming and helpful.

To rank countries, the survey chose these four criteria: ability to befriend locals, success in learning the local language, capacity for integrating themselves into the community, and ease in which they fit into the new culture. While Bahrain, Bermuda and Singapore were found to be the friendliest countries for the expatriates, India ranked the last in the list of 25. [Though they had surveyed a hundred countries, insufficient data forced them to rank only 25 of them, the surveyors say.]

1. Bahrain 2. Bermuda 3. Singapore 4. Thailand 5. United Arab Emirates
6. Russia 7. Saudi Arabia  8. Qatar 9. Malaysia 10. Philippines
11. Hong Kong 12. South Africa 13. Canada  14. Switzerland 15. Australia
16. United States 17. China 18. Mexico 19. Spain 20. France
21. Belgium 22. Germany 23. United Kingdom 24. Netherlands 25. India


anil khanna said...

indians are percieved to be most baffling.they are more selfish than any other people.

Bloggi Bloggi said...

Other nationals might be as bad or worse, but we are no doubt unfriendly to foreigners. Look how we treat foreigner guests at the airport. Look how in tourist places, people chase tourists.