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Travelocity said, Cleartrip stole its data: what happened?

The 2009 complaint of Travelocity against Cleartrip for data stealing and causing financial loss is to come up for hearing in July. Last month, Gurgaon police has filed a chargesheet in this case. As per the chargesheet,   Clewartrip faces charges of collusion, abetment, misappropriation, money laundering, criminal breach of trust and conspiracy.

Travel companies in India are facing cut-throat competition and running their own publicity [and smear] campaigns. Travelocity is currently running a rather confusing campaign inwhich it is playing with the suffix '-ocity ' at the end of many words,  to build a recallable brand.

These and other companies are offering many discounts, special offers for bulk / group / family bookings etc. They also have arrangements with hotels, railway and flight services, local sight seeing companies etc. As per the latest data available, tourism has started picking up again [it had faced a big slump after global recession and 26/11 terror attack in Mumbai.] Hotel occupancy has increased in the last quarter of 2010-11 [Jan to  March 2011]. Yet, the problems of poor infrastructure, presence of many fly-by-night operators, unfavourable reports in the media etc are plaguing the tourism industry. The charge of data theft, if it sticks, will harm the reputation of Cleartrip a lot, and there may be more such cases in quick succession.

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