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This blog is for all travelers, but since our foreigner friends need more detailed information, and from their perspective, many segments are tailor made specially for them.

It is not a travel agency blog, nor a forum. But I assure you very correct information and a most genuine opinion on issues bothering you about travel to / in India.

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Anonymous said...

Mind telling should I bring leather jacket to travel to Hardwar in this season?

YourFriend said...

Being in the foothills of Himalayas, Haridwar is not as scorching as plains of India and nights are nearly pleasant. Carry a very light woolen cardigan, if you must, to take care of visit to tourist spots in the hills nearby or a shower. However, woolens will be available at cheap rates in the local market.

Anonymous said...

Looking for accommodation up to $40 a day in Delhi. Group of 10 from Edinburg. Colleagues here from India say, three star hotels in Delhi are OK. Any advice?
email: voedin@yahoo.co.uk

Blogger said...

Sending reply to your email ID. Just mentioning here for general info that in $40 or Rs 1600 per day, you get fairly decent accommodation in places outside metropolitan cities. In Delhi, this amount will get rooms in second rung hotels. If you are students, it will be no problem, but families from abroad would like better accommodation [meaning higher rents].

Blogger said...

Just to add to the last comment, if you intend to share rooms, Rs 3200 will get rooms in good hotels on twin sharing basis.

Anonymous said...

good effort, man. but will you be able to meet the demand if more people start asking for your advice?

all the best.


Blogger said...

Hi Ramesh and thanks for your words of encouragement.
Like my other blogs, this one will also be for helping people genuinely. I will try my best to give as much advice I give to them. However, I do not expect much traffic.


Anonymous said...

I have recommended your little blog to friends visiting India. I find your info unbiased. But I want you to be more active and offer practical advice like which airline or hotel. I am sending a detailed email to you. Will like to partner you.

k p said...

Thank you Ish, and I have received your email today.
I will collect the data you need and send you detailed reply.
For general information, I have to admit that I have not been able to add all desired information on the blog. I will definitely do so in a few months in stages. I need your support. Everybody's [who visits me despits such a poor show] support.

Amit said...

You have grown manifold since I first visited you. Wow! Keep adding.


Amit Jha said...

You have grown manifold since I first visited you. Wow! Keep adding.
(Posing again. I have posted it in some other place too.)


Anonymous said...

I am told by my travel advisor that I need six-7 days to travel to Delhi, Japipur, Agra. This is the shortest route. But I have only 4 days at the end of my seminar in Delhi. There is also confusion about Delhi, New Delhi. Where does the plane land and how far are these two from each other. My seminar and stay is at Hotel Taj Mansin, New Delhi.

k p said...

Sorry for responding late to the last three comments.
Thanks Amit for your words of encouragement. I wish to be of as much help to travellers to India as I can be. But right now, not many people are visiting this blog and I too am not very free to provide instant advice.
Dear anonymous, Delhi is the name of the province and New Delhi is the seat of the Union Government of India. Practically, they are the same and refer to the same city. You are perhaps referring to Jaipur when you say Japipur. Generally during international seminars, the organisers themselves treat their guests to Agra and/or Jaipur. If that is not happening in your case, you can have a day-trip to Agra and visit monuments and markets withing Delhi on the other two days. Jaipur is not advisable right now because of some disturbance there. However, if you are visiting later, you can combine Agra and Jaipur in a three day tour. Many tour operators in Delhi operate such trips daily.

Anonymous said...

Find your blog quite informative. Good work done!
Not planning visit India but when do, will tell you.

Anonymous said...

I posted a comment here last week. Not seeing it here. Any idea? The issue is, are hills safe in this season? QWe plan to travel to India in July first 10 days either north or middle part.

k p said...

Himalayan hills have a problem in rainy season - mid June to mid September - in terms of broken transport links. Most places do not have air links and the roads suffer from frequent landslides because of weak geological formation of Himalayas. Still, they are worth visiting during rains. More so, if you are from a place that does not cool climate and tall mountains.
Central India will be better, weather wise, but will have waterlogging and mosquitoes. If these things do not nag you, you can visit many historical places, wildlife sanctuaries and Indian town life in monsoons.

Anonymous said...

Is Gujarat affected by riots? Are Muslim travelers safe there?

k p said...

You have been badly misled. Gujarat is among the most peaceful places in this part of the world and Muslims are as safe as any other human being. Whosoever told you about riots etc might have the bad memory of riots many years back.

Anonymous said...

Mind telling me how can I visit Budhist places in India. What will be the best time. I will have only 10 days. I will come to Mumbai and leave on 10th day from Mumbai.

Travel Packages India said...

India is such a nice place to travel the adventure tours, Historical monuments, safari tours, Himalayas tracking tours and many more thousands of visitors came across the world to travel India.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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