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India during winters: Goa is the place to go


Flight cancellations from Europe and America have affected travel all over the world, but some places are either not affected by it or have gained. Goa, the beach capital of India, is one destination that has not seen fall in tourist arrivals this winter.

Goa has a mild weather during most months except summers when it tends to be a bit stuffy. In comparison, northern parts of India reel under chill during December-February period. So, though flight cancellations have impacted some traffic from Europe and North America, that seems to have been compensated by additional domestic traffic.

Goa attracts about 2.5 million tourists in a year, out of them about 350 thousand are foreigners. So, the majority of visitors are Indians. In recent years, the domestic traffic has turned quite well-paying. In addition, flight cancellations from the colder parts of the globe have not resulted in outright cancellation of hotel bookings but their readjustment.

What is likely to impact tourism in Goa is the visa restrictions that don’t allow foreigners of most countries a continuous stay beyond three months. So, if a foreign tourist wants to be in Goa continuously for more than three months, he/she needs to go back, cool heels for two months and then come back for up to three months at a time.


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