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Travel to India; visit RAJASTHAN

How Rajasthan offers more than desert destinations abroad?

Rajasthan is a north-western state of India, adjoining Pakistan. Numerous tourism offers are available from government and private tour operators and hotels for visiting Rajasthan. Rajasthan is unique in what it offers to international as well as domestic tourists, and in some ways its offers are incomparable to anything offered by international hotspots. Desert safari, camel ride, desert wildlife and such other standard desert stuff is just the base layer; the real cake and topping are what make Rajasthan a memorable experience. Read on...

  • Rajasthan has a very rich cultural content. The ethnic dances, dresses of vibrant colours, peculiar hand-made  accessories, handicraft in myriad shades, age-old traditions...
  • Rajasthan has some of the world's most beautiful palaces and fortes. These are magnificent in their architecture and layout and have a rich, royal exquisiteness about them.
  • Almost every ancient building of Rajasthan has an engrossing tale to tell. Folklore is part of Rajasthan's life.Love, intrigue, battles for honour, chivalry, ...
  • If you care to live amidst the villagers (and genuine stays are arranged by well-known tour operators), their simplicity and quirky lifestyles will make you forget your sophisticated, modern, world for those cherishable moments.

Hawa Mahal the face of a Jaipur palace
The most important destinations in Rajasthan are:
  • Jaipur: the state capital and often part of Delhi-Jaipur-Agra triange
  • Udaipur: the lake city
  • Jodhpur and Jaissalmer: cities in extreme desert
  • Bharatpur: city with a world-class bird sanctuary
  • Pushkar: temple city known for its unique fair, a place for the true vagabond soul

We recommend that you visit Incredible India and Rajasthan Tourism websites before deciding on a travel operator. These are government organisations.


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Rajasthan is situated in the North Western part of India and shares geographical boundaries with Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat in India. It also has a long international boundary with Pakistan. Rajasthan tours and travel packages.

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