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Things to keep in mind while visiting India

Formalities and restrictions

Always keep your passport with valid visa with you. Visas are of many types and have to be obtained on the passport before entering India. Do visit the Indian embassy or consulate in your country on how and where to obtain visa. There is plan to allow ‘visa on arrival’ but it might take some time to be operational.

If you are coming from a yellow fever infection area, you must get an International Certificate of Vaccination for yellow fever before visiting India.

You will be asked to fill in a disembarkation card during the course of the flight.

You can exit customs at the airport through green or red channel. The green channel is for passengers not in possession of any dutiable articles or unaccompanied baggage, and the red channel for passengers with dutiable items, unaccompanied baggage or high-value articles to be re-exported when you go back. [Such articles need to be entered on the tourist baggage re-export form (TBRE). But if you fail to re-export an item that you entered on the TBRE, you have to pay duty on that.] at the time of departure.

A good number of items can be carried into India duty-free. These include clothes and jewellery; cameras and up to five rolls of film; binoculars; a portable musical instrument; a radio or portable tape recorder; a tent and camping equipment; fishing rod; a pair of skis; two tennis rackets; some cigarettes or cigars; some liquor; and small gifts.

What you can carry into India is determined by the ‘baggage rules’.

There are no restrictions on the amount of foreign currency or travelers' cheques a tourist can bring in, provided he makes a declaration on the Currency Declaration Form [to be given to him by Customs, on arrival at the airport]. Do keep exchange vouchers with you till you leave the county.

Do not exchange foreign currency except in banks or authorized moneychangers. You can pay in foreign currency for your purchases and expenses and those excepting foreign currency legally will notify this in their premises.

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