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Khajuraho: the erotic temple complex

Love and beauty immortalised in stone 
magnificent temple architecture
 If you have not visited the Khajuraho temple complex, you have missed the ultimate mix of eroticism with devotion. Starting from the extreme sexual perversion, the highly ornate walls of the temples depict the most sublime of sexual feelings. Inside, the deities bless you with calm beyond sensual pleasure.

a richly carved temple wall
The temple complex was built by Chandela kings between 950 AD and 1050 AD. There are many explanations how and why such exceptionally erotic sculpture was created in a conservative land and patronized by the rulers. The most plausible one is that Chandela rulers believed in tantrism and so, for them worship of erotic human form and gratification of earthly desires was the path to salvation.

such details of love making!
Initially 85 temples were built by successive rulers [perhaps more, as recent excavations in nearby areas have shown], but only 22 of them survive. Most of them have superb but simple architecture and are functional temples. The outer walls of most temples have highly ornate sculptures showing deities and their courtesans and others in poses that range from highly amorous and direct to very sublime and graceful. There seems to be a hidden message and logic in the way such poses have been depicted along with meditating saints and gods.

How to reach; do’s and don’ts

Reaching Khajuraho can be a pain if you do not plan properly and well in advance. Hotels are no problem but transportation is. The airport is not well connected and major trains too do not stop here. However, all good tour operators provide package tour deals for Khajuraho. If you are a young couple, so spend 2-3 days in Khajuraho. If you are interested in ancient sculpture, you may like to study the fine details of some of the temples. Casual visitors should make it part of a larger itinerary covering other north / central Indian tourist places.
When in Khajuraho, avoid being influenced by beggars and those offering to show the village side or something special; there is likelihood that you are shortchanged. Even tour operators, taxi drivers and hotel staff might be taking commission to woo customers on behalf of crooks.

female figures in different poses: loving, applying make up, removing thorn from sole
 Photograph credit goes to Archeological Survey of India.


Anonymous said...

I have decided I must visit Khajuraho early. I have already started websearch.

Travel Corporation India said...

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Bloggi Bloggi said...

We agree. Yet, we must clarify that Khajuraho is for erotica, not religion.