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Should I avoid India travel at present?

If you want to visit India purely as a tourist, this is the time to be avoided.

The present political climate is not very good, as people have comet to streets in favour of Anna Hazare, the social activist leading anit-corruption campaign. However, this will be there only for a small time.

August - September are not the best months to visit India for more reasons than one: rains during this time [monsoon season] lead to water-logging, floods, land-slides etc; rains also bring vector-borne diseases such as malaria and humidity induced infectious diseases such as flu; the weather in most parts of India is unpleasant as it is hot and humid.

If you are planning an India visit this very year, do plan it in and after November. In November, you can witness immense gaity and color as it will be festival season. The festival of light (diwali / deepawali) is on 3rd November. The winter months (November - March) are cool, dry and pleasant in most parts of India. Disease prevalence is also low.

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Kerala Tours said...

Your blog is good and information is also good but due to political reasons etc.. we cant stop our tour too much but just wait to slow down these activities beacuse these things aren't going too much longer politicians hold it the situations soonly.. If you dont want to visit any hot or humid place at that time you can visit any hilly area and enjoy your tour also..
India Tour