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Some NRIs and PIOs giving India a bad name

Papers in India are carrying this news:
At least 13 persons of Indian origin are among 111 people are part of a $13 million global crime ring involved in forged credit cards and identity theft.
Several suspects have engaged in nationwide shopping sprees, staying at five-star hotels, renting luxury automobiles and private jets, and purchasing tens of thousands of dollars worth of high-end electronics and expensive handbags and jewellery with forged credit cards.
Imran Khan, Ali Khweiss, Anthony Martin, Amar Singh and Sanjay Deowsarran are supposed to be the bosses and  Vishnu Harilal, Ravindra Singh, Neha Punjabi Singh, Ravi Ramroop and Kamal Sanasi among some of the people of Indian origin.
This type of fraudsters and criminals give a bad name to the otherwise very hard working and socially integrating Indian community abroad. Associations of people of Indian origin should take note.


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