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This blog showcased in Indian Top Blogs!

I didn't know whether friends at Indian Top Blogs would accept my request to give this blog a new identity. I have not been getting time to regularly update the blog these days due to many preoccupations and was not sure. But now blog is in their Blog Showcase as well as Directory of Best Indian Blogs too!!

It is available at:
1. http://www.indiantopblogs.com/2011/10/indiaadvice.html
2. http://www.indiantopblogs.com/search/label/blog%20showcase
3. On ITB site, clicking on the blog showcase button on the navigation bar below the blog title
4. On ITB site, clicking on ... blogs showcased under the Let's showcase your blog section in the blog footer
5. On Facebook at http://facebook.com/indiantopblogs


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Thanks Evan and smith for your comments.

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